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Wappen der RavensThe 47th Ravens
"Quoth the Raven, Nevermore."

Looking back on human history, ravens have been often praised as intelligent and wise, as depicted in Viking and Egyptian folklore. Going as far as to letting their Gods and key figures in mythology take the appearance of raven-like beings. Even in the 21st century, ravens had adopted to the modern human lifestyle, using vehicles of humans driving by to crack open their otherwise inaccessible food. But the praise for the ever adaptable ravens didn't end in mythology and science. Squadron VAQ-135, known as the "Black Ravens" had also taken their namesake from the scavenger bird of the planet Earth. This squadron, similar to their namesake, had to adapt to the changing times. Originating from the direness of the Cold War, which almost saw an end to humankind, they provided electronic warfare and refueling support to their fellow squadrons. In addition to that, they had proven themselves to be worth more than the sum of its parts by partaking in operations around multiple crisises and rescuing stranded humans on sea.

But as with the Black Ravens, the 47th Ravens have to prove themselves first. Consisting primarily of volunteer forces, the 47th is not an expert squadron, but rather a group of fresh recruits who have been assgined to clear out, what years of war have left behind. Piracy, Corruption, Treason. Akin to the scavenger birds of old, they are to make the best out of the corpses left behind. Behind the squadron is the young Commander, Markus "Fireworks" Richardson, who is eager to push the TCN's interests in every sector he's assigned to and to pacify every region struggling with conflict. Driven by virtue, he expects his squadron to follow in his footsteps, and to act fast, smart, and wise.

Just like a true Raven.

Here we commemorate the fallen, may Nephthys, the God of the Dead, watch over them:

As the story of the Ravens progresses, their victories, skirmishes and achievements are documented here.

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