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The TCS Fearless is a Ranger-class carrier, commissioned in 2655, at the apex of the Kilrathi war. As a Ranger-class vessel, designed to act as a fast, relatively simple to build, light assault carrier, the Fearless had upon it's construction only the most necessary things aboard. Throughout the years, it has exchanged hands many times, going from different Commanders to Admirals, each of whom has imprinted their own signature to the ship in a way. Some ought it necessary to expand the gym area aboard the ship to offer it's crew greater possibilities for recreation and training, others ought it necessary to expand on the crew quarters, offering crew quarters for both sexes and even a quite exquisite Captains Quarters, with each Captain having left some personal item within. Be it an old cupboard, artifacts from planets afar, or more.

While over 40 years have passed with the ships active service, the crew has developed certain rites and habits. The mechanics only pass each other tools with the right hand, anything else brings bad luck, and are otherwise highly superstitious. New crew members are mocked and pranked by the Marines stationed on the Fearless, until they complete their rite of passage. Every Captain carries some kind of lucky charm in their pockets, something that reminds them of home, a religious artifact, or just something one of their crew gave them.

Despite it's unique crew and it's slightly different layout to other Ranger-class vessels, the Fearless remains a Ranger on the outside. Sporting nothing more than 14 double laser turrets for point defense and a last-effort anti capital ship torpedo launcher. Like every other light assault carrier, it relies on it's battlegroup and fighter pilot screen to keep it safe and alive.

Fire Control Central
Contains the control systems for point defense and anti-capship launchers. Offers a great view into the wide unknown.

Houses everything from communication terminals, to the ships controls. The most likely place to encounter the Captain or someone from the brass on.

Captains Quarters
Being the Captain of a ship has it's perks, including the famed Captains Quarters, which consists of two rooms. The first room has a large desk with a computer terminal on it, as well as three seats. One for the Captain, two for visitors. The second room is the Captains sleeping quarters, entering it without permission will likely turn your sleeping quarters to the brig for a day or two.

Science Division
The fabled home of science and research. Their own secluded area for intel officers to decrypt data and for the science folks to do their nerdy stuff in.

Medical Room
Getting hurt, bruised or receive other ailments is normal for living beings, hence the Fearless has a small hospital aboard. Be it handing out anti-inflammants, the cure against the common cold, or treating major problems, the hospital aboard the Fearless can heal all.

As every ship in the Terran Confederate Navy, the Fearless also has a bar with an impressive amount of different liquors. From Firekkan whiskey to old school Earth vodka, everything that the alcoholics heart desires.

Having seen many changes, expansions and shifts over the years, the Fearless has settled for a non-unisex approach with their dorms. Despite every crew member not having their own room, at the very least they have their own bunk bed, with their own, personal, locker, shared with fellow crewmates of the same gender and occupation.

Fitness is an important part at the everyday life of a pilot. Simulated gravity aboard a capital ship only does so much, the human body requires frequent exercise in space to remain strong and fit for combat. The gym is very akin to the gyms a pilot may encounter at home, even with different bits and pieces for all the races included in the TCN. Be it gymnastic equipment hanging from the ceiling for Firekkans, classic weights and punching bags for the human, or just treadmills for all races.

Mistakes happen. Either rebellious members aboard the carrier, or prisoners of war, they need to be safely confined in a secluded area until given to either a higher entity or their sentence is served.

Flight Control
Akin to the air traffic control, a carrier also needs a flight control, which is responsible for controlling take off, landing and everything happening in the immediate vicinity of the Fearless. Contains five simulator pods for pilots to practice, spar and train fighter combat. Also has the loadout terminals inside for pilots to choose their armament for their sorties.

Briefing Room 1
Contains a big holodesk and multiple projectors on the walls. Has rather limited space and is used for briefings with a limited count of pilots.

Briefing Room 2
Significantly larger than BR1, has a stage with a small podium and a massive projector for the wall behind the speaker. Features more than enough seats for every pilot aboard.

Flight Deck
Take-off and landing happens here. Open on both ends, the air is trapped inside via force field projectors on the side of each end, only allowing solid matter to pass through.

Engine Room
Located at the back of the ship, contains the engine responsible for the vessels propulsion.

Shield Generator
Right next to the reactor is the shield generator, containing the supercomputer responsible for calculating the necessary maths for projecting the massive phase shield bubble around the TCS Fearless.

Reactor Control
The heart of the ship. Heavily guarded and singlehandedly providing the whole ship with fuel for all of its operations. Without its matter-antimatter reactor, the ship would only last for a few days, before all backup generators begin failing.

Every carrier needs a place to safely store fighters when they're not in use. The Fearless is no exception. Her Hangar is big enough to provide the technicians with enough space to repair, rearm and modify fighters.

Directly adjacent to the hangar is the guarded ammunitions storage, containing weapons for the Marines and ordnance for the fighters. Despite being guarded, there's one exceptionally well guarded piece of armament, the Flashpak. Despite being declared illegal after the Border Worlds Conflict, TCN ships are still armed with Flashpaks, but every Captain who has had command over the Fearless has vouched to not use this fearsome weapon. Thus, only the Captain can ever access the container housing them.

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