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It's just a talk, Lieutenant.
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It's just a talk, Lieutenant.

Beitragvon Fireworks » 14. Januar 2022 23:42

The Commander stands in front of the pilots at the secured area of the flight deck after their quick debriefing.

"Lieutenant Fox, you stay here for a moment. The rest of you, Dismissed! Go on, scoot!"

Markus sighs. His arms are crossed and his feet is tapping while he is waiting for the other pilots to leave.

"Do you know why you're being reprimanded alongside Lieutenant Lafayette?" he asks while looking straight at Cinder.

In the background technicians are preparing three Vampires for take-off, missiles are being attached, scanners adjusted.


2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Re: It's just a talk, Lieutenant.

Beitragvon Cinder » 15. Januar 2022 00:14

Cinder stands at attention, looking rather nervous while the technicians worked in the back.

He swallows and prepares to answer.

"Sir, I can only assume it is because of how I handled the way Lieutenant Lafayette acted at the end of our mission, that is mentioning it during the debriefing and not talking about it with him first."

Cinder tries his best to hold eye contact with his CO and not get distracted by all the work around them.


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