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House rules
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House rules

Beitragvon Fireworks » 15. Januar 2022 00:08

Here we will cover special rules not covered in the current rulebook (Version as of 01/14/2022)

  • Enemy fighters culled down to exactly 1 hitpoint can be grace-rolled if the Game Master allows it. A simple 2D10 by the last inflictor against a value of 11 is used to determine a "reactor overload". On success, the victim explodes immediately and the kill is rewarded to the last inflictor.
  • Generally, unmodified "To Hit" values are openly displayed.
  • Pilots can volunteer to skip their turn in order to change their position relative to the enemies. One turn = One Range.
  • Rockets can be freely used without prior permission.
  • Enemy bombers and hybrid fighters can have their torpedoes shot out prior to their launch. Considering this is a difficult manoeuvre, the success throw for that is x + 8, with x being the enemy bombers "To Hit" value. Crits automatically connect. Damage done is calculated as follows: (Damage Roll) * 0.75 (rounded up). The bomber cannot launch torpedoes afterwards.


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